Saturday, April 16, 2016


Join me and discover Lamington Road in Mumbai. Together with Nishant Mittal (EE graduate of IIT Bombay) I meet the residents and visit the shops that are deeply hidden inside the old buildings.  

Lamington Road is famous for repairs and components - you name it, they have it. Many EE students and employees from startup companies come here to get components for their electronics projects and robot designs.

Lamington Road is also the place to go when your laptop needs repair. Many of the shops do repairs on chip level, they de-solder and replace the chips by hand. Where we would trash the laptop or leave it gathering dust, they open it up, find the faulty component and replace it. No expensive scope or other equipment is used; a multimeter, a hot air solder gun and good skills and experience is all they have.

When you are interested in working with electronics and you are in Mumbai, make sure you find your way to Lamington Road and take time to visit the shops there.


This video is produced for Circuit Cellar as part of a series about interesting people and their workspaces. Circuit Cellar is the magazine for electronic engineers in the United States.

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