Synchronous produces video interviews for the US Electronics Engineering magazine Circuit Cellar. In an informal and creative style we shoot videos in which we talk to the makers, the electronics enthusiasts and specialists about their projects and workspaces. We want to know about the sometimes very specialist equipment they use, and about what their favorite tip, trick or tool is. Because of the casual way of making the video we get to the core of what drives these people and are able to communicate this enthusiasm to the viewers. Below you find a collection of the latest productions.

The Power Designer - Aart Vroegop, The Netherlands
Circuit Cellar visits Aart Vroegop. He is a Power Designer, guitarist and lives in The Netherlands. He makes his own guitars and amplifiers.

Hope, Dreams and a Soldering Iron - Nishant Mattel, India

I Hacked my Life - Mitch Altman, Berlin
He is a maker, hacker and traveler and knows how to switch!

Serious Fun with IoT - Jaime, Relayr, Berlin
IoT is here, there and everywhere. Relayr is a fast growing IoT startup. 

Try to Do Some Hard Stuff - Henrik Forsten, Espoo, Finland

Inside Lamington Road - Nishant Mittal, Mumbai, India
This street is famous for the many electronics shops, every components you can think, they will have it here.

The Darker Side - Robert Lacoste, Paris, France
He loves equipment and working with electronics.

Produced in Spain - Eduardo and Carlos, Madrid, Spain
A senior start-up in Madrid

Smart Cities, Smart Citizens
Meet Tomas Diez and Quillem Camprodon - Fab Lab Barcelona

Linear Audio - Interview with Jan Didden

MADE IN BRITAIN - Interview with Saar Dimer, Boldport

MADE IN BRITAIN - Interview with Bare Conductive

MADE IN BRITAIN  - Interview with John Dobson, Matrix TSL