Wednesday, July 18, 2018

eeNews Report (3/3) IoTTechExpo A'dam, 2018 | Rob van Kranenburg and Media Distillery

For eeNews I visited the IoTTechExpo in Amsterdam, a few weeks ago. I met up with Rob van Kranenburg. He is a visionair, speaker and thinker about he future of IoT and the Internet. The Internet of Things is not alone about technology, the IoT is about Power and who is in control. Also he mentions the new developments of Smarter 'things'. 'When I ask developers, they all want to make smarter 'things', but ultimately it is all about creating a smarter society'. The other interview is with Media Distillery. They are a startup from Amsterdam in the media. Their product follow the views of a brand on television or on the internet.

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