Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Synchronous was launched to connect and interact with today's players in the fields of Art, Media and Technology: the electronic engineers, the companies, the designers and artists, the makers and the 'shakers' that constitute today's creative communities.

Traditional businesses are ... traditional. New creative communities have new rules and a different understanding of how to utilize new technologies and media. The individual power and creativity of these groups is already enormous, even more when they connect with others - it is Networked Creativity.

Synchronous will operate in the overlap of Media, Art and Technology and will act as a Creative Lab where new ideas and projects can be launched, tested and promoted.


Synchronous can help you with all sorts of activities: a product launch, training, creating a different mind-set, a product design, a promotion activity, content, text and video productions, in short everything that can Inform, Inspire, Instruct and Facilitate.

Synchronous will work in the 'open'. That means we will share our resources with everyone who is also willing to share back with new initiatives and ideas.

If you want to know more about Synchronous, please use the contact form below.

Wisse Hettinga

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